PC Online fix: Uninstalled update KB4457142 Worked! (Thank you Biftytime)

TLDR: Uninstalled Update KB4457142 and allowed computer to reboot. I got online ingame instantly. I think I had to repair connection after reboot but it was just to acquire an IP.


CMD lines
Powershell commands
Starting / Stopping services
Fixing Xbox connection via control panel game settings
stopping starting firewall
port forwarding
installing 1809

The list goes on but nothing worked… then I came across a post by Biftytime saying he found something about uninstalling this update working for him.

I was skeptical, but it worked.

  1. Hit Windows Key
  2. Type “Windows Update”
  3. Click on “Check for Updates”
  4. Click on “View installed update history”
  5. toward top, Click on “Uninstall updates”
  6. Look for Update KB4457142.
  7. Right-Click and uninstall
  8. It takes a while, be patient.
  9. Windows should request to reboot
  10. After reboot if ! on internet connection just rightclick and troubleshoot to renew IP.
  11. Log into Forza Horizon 4 and instead of panel saying “connect online” the window said “invite friends” so I knew I was online already.
  12. saw other real players driving around and could join races.

I hope this helps others who had given up

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Whatever works, but removing Windows updates is not the best idea. Mine works and I didn’t have to remove anything.

What if i dont see this update one the list?

than you probably don’t have it installed.

I have also tried everything and nothing works. But deleting windows updates sounds unsafe. You could be opening up vulnerabilities in the system. This weekend I will reinstall windows and try again again and if that does not work I will truly give up. I take it as a lesson not to give $125 to a dev with track record of buggy games and bad customer service on the pc.

So I tried all the other things, and this, this worked, however my computer was noticeably slower and the hard drive was working overtime with no programs running except the usual startup stuff.

I do hope there is a better option than this because I don’t think I’m willing to sacrifice my PC performance (it also led to lots of “rubberbanding” in game) to be able to play seasonal events.