(PC) No Party/Game Invites Showing Windows 10

Hi all,
I recently started playing FH4 on my PC. I used to play on my Xbox, but figured I’d give it a shot on my PC since I have a mid-range build and a nice gaming monitor. This game is gorgeous in 4K. However, I like to play with “Looking For Groups” but I’m not seeing any Party or Game Inv notifications show up on my computer. Does anyone have any suggestions as this is pretty much ruining the PC experience for me. What’s the point if you can’t cruise around with fellow riders? If you are interested in the PC build, see the link below.


I have the notifications enable on Windows 10 in settings. I did clean re-installation of Windows a few days ago, and have done my best to make sure all drivers are up to date. Can anyone please help me get both game AND party invites do display on my Windows 10 so I can start playing with people again? The party invites are displaying on my phone (Xbox App) but can’t get them to display on my PC. Any help is appreciated.