[PC] Multiplayer issues

I thought it was because the multiplayer servers are down, but it seems fairly clear, going through this thread, that that isn’t the case. Whenever I attempt to try to get into a multiplayer game, I’ll click on the… type (?) of game, then it will say “please wait” “sending request” then finally “Failed to acquire server data”. I assume this may have something to do with my computer, but I have no idea what could cause it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I bought this game almost entirely so I could play multiplayer on PC.

Try checking your windows firewall. It must be on. Unfortunately I can get into a lobby but it crashes out before a race is run. I really hope they deal with this asap.

Get the “xbox app” from the windows store, log in and go to settings (wheel icon) than go to connection. If there are problems you get a link to a support site, where you can try solve/diagnose the problem. I had the same problem and for me it was a entry done by “Spybot Search&Destroy” that disabled a microsoft dns entry in the “etc/host” file, probably done to “remedy” windows 10 “spying”.

As noted i also only get “full connectivity” status in the app, if i enable the windows firewall, but you might still get MP to work with a disabled firewall if everything else works.

This worked. After I checked my connectivity through the Xbox app, it said I had a problem with the Teredo Adapter (don’t know what that is). After I followed the directions from the ‘Get more info’-type button, it started working fine. However, during this, my I had to go to another webpage because my Teredo adapter wasn’t showing up in the device manager, and it had some command lines to type to get it to show up. After that, when I uninstalled and restarted the PC, all Xbox services were working, including Multiplayer. Thank you.

Glad i could help, there are several settings/services/stuff needed that is often disabled/removed by anti spyware or Win10 optimizer tools, since windows store games are the only ones relying on those.

Multiplayer keeps crashing to desktop just before a race for me (on PC). Nothing wrong with my connection. I sometimes manage to get a few races in, but it regularly does it.

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Exactly the same thing happens to me. Every other aspect of the game is working perfectly. I can join a lobby. Wait for a race. Go through intermission. Then it’s the 15 second countdown. Then the ‘waiting for cars’ flickers on and off until it freezes and crashes to desktop. Oh I wish I knew what was going on.l

Same here, seems pretty widespread.

Tried every tip to fix, nothing works.

Same here, absolutely no idea what is causing this crash, I can’t find anything from the logs either…

I might just seek a refund and get it on discount when the price drops if I can’t play more than 1 race at a time. Anyone have issues with MS on a refund?

Hold off on the refund. I bet this will be patched pretty soon.

I hate hoping it gets patched, I’d rather just wait until its fixed…

You can also try “reset defaults” in the windows firewall control panel, also make sure all xbox live ports are forewarded.