[PC] missing Forza Hub Rewards (0 Gamerscore points)

Hi, at my Forza Hub i got 0 points at Gamerscore (only Horizon 4).
How can i fix that?
See screenshots for DetailsnullForza 1 (Xbox App)nullForza 2 (Forza Hub)

images may don’t work.
Here are the links:

It takes a few days to update
Some stats take at least 3 or 4 days

You cant do anything to fix it…it just takes time and patience

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i got my first gamerscore around 2 weeks ago. Now i got around 600 Points and there are Zero, so it looks like there is an error


Give it time. Normally 3 to 4 days, sometimes a month.

If it’s eating you alive, send an email to forzafb@microsoft.com and they may correspond with you on this, other than that there’s nothing you can do.