PC Microsoft Store FH5 uninstalled itself from my PC! Please help

I downloaded 100$ premium FH5 yesterday and was playing it everything was fine played for 3 hours and today i went to play and it had uninstalled itself from my PC (MS store) all other MS store games FH3 FH4 Forza motorsport 7 were fine all other games on steam and other gaming services were fine.

I had to reboot computer and try to reinstall finally it is reinstalling hopefully my game progress was saved. Anyone experiencing this? Very Frustrating. I had installed it on my SSD external drive which is fine and working no disc errors etc. no external antivirus software installed just Windows Defender. MSI GS65 Stealth Thin laptop and nvidia 1070 16gb ram i7 8750 CPU and was running at max graphics with NO PROBLEMS. WTF???

any ideas would be appreciated.

i never install things to external/removable drives for the very reason that youve discovered.

windows can blip and youve suddenly lost an installed game.

youve been lucky up to now

Do you realize that today, an “external” SSD is basically exactly the same as an “internal”, right? do you realize they are connected with the same wires, right?

Unless you are talking about a MX memory stick drive, externals SSDs are the same as internals lol.

Never had it happen before but I guess there’s a first time for everything and i am an old gamer with lots of experience with pc external drives! But thank you for your quick reply

I am having the same issues. I have installed it three times and it has removed itself 3 times. Tried 2 different internal SSD’s and Forza only lasts for half a day before it completely disappears from my drive.

When you say “dissapears from my drive” it would mean the game uninstalls itself?

check this folder and check if the files are still there. (you might need to take ownership of the folder before you can see the files).
C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.624F8B84B80_3.405.2.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Hi, i got the same. Tough it would calm down after few days but i’m now on my Seventh download of forza. really buzzing me off.
Tried to reach forza support they said to turn to xbox/microsoft, turn to them, unable to reach them and bot say to reach forza support… So here i am. Pissed of, frustrated and disapointed.
My brother and i both ordered in the same time, both the same way, he have no problem and i got same problem as you do. We play on the same wifi…

Tried to find in C:/ disk stuff but its lock even in admin… As i try to set a profile for my amd program when i launch forza. And it appear my program dont detect forza so i have to manually rise up the fans to cool my GPU. So i went to the file and i can open it but i can’t see it or anything else. And once i was in game, driving, game crash to desktop, i went for restart it, and it had disapear from my SSD.

As i don’t own a high rate connection, it took me more than 12 to 24h to download and i’m starting to be really angry. If anyone have solution or fix. I will be glad.

Also its internal disk and whatever the internal disk i put it on, forza keep uninstall itself. So installing it on external disk doesnt change anything. I have FH4 and FH3 on same disk and they never did this to me. NEVER.

Add this to MP problems when you can actually play and FH5 is biggest disapointment so far. At first it was waow… now i’m back on other game and ready to let it uninstalled after this last attempt. Good point, the last install lasted 2 days ^^’ so… Record breaking!

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The same thing has happened to me. I am on my 3rd re-install after only 3 days. I had Forza Horizon 4 and this never happened. I hope this gets solved soon. it’s very frustrating.

I hope Microsoft or the Forza team are aware of this.

I also have this problem.
Just installed it again for the 5th time, so 400gb trzffic down the drain…

Any solution for this problem?

Same problem here! I have forza horizon 4 installed on the same drive no problems but with fh5 its been the 11th time its unustalled itself disapeared from the drive, i have the expansion paks premium vesion and when i reinstall them it apears they are still there as it takes seconds for them to reinstall “the first time was 100gig each” is there any solution to this yet?

I installed FH5 five times and when it failed on the sixth time, I just gave up on it. Just have to wait for the fix and hope that it will be soon.
I have not had this happen with any games.

anyone else had this issue where the game suddenly uninstalls and losing everething? both on xbox app and microsoft store it says install the game.
sorry for my bad english just a local norwigian guy hehe.
tried almost everthing now and only solution i have found is that i have to innstall game again.

Same thing here, 3rd time it’s reinstalling all over again. I just uninstalled it.

That is not entirely right, it depends on how you connect the external drive… if its connected through a external USB-Hub, or a separate USB-DriveBay in front of the PC-Case using its own internal-controller for example, its different from a direct connection to the motherboard and its direct rear usb ports.

For example, if you connect a external ssd with windows on it to a USB-controller without a boot-rom included, it will not boot from bios.

In this case, i think Forza Horizon 4 had the exact same problem when the game was installed on any other drive than “C:” , it’s just not liking it.

So I’ve read in multiple forums that people have the same problem with FH5 reinstalling by it’s own , usually when there is a new update and nobody seems to have found a solution and there is no official reply from anyone … I’ve got the game via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (this game was the main reason I got the game pass) and I have the same issues. I’m currently on my fourth download and I’m truly frustrated that I have to spent 6-7 hours to redownload the game each time. Are we going to get an official reply from someone or they just got our money and do not care???

I lost FH5 during the last update.

It started updating but I wanted to switch ISP rather than use up bandwidth, so I paused the update and closed the game.
After switching my internet over, FH5 was no longer there.
I clicked the launch icon I’d put in my taskbar - It disappeared.
Same thing when I tried from the start menu.
Same again in Apps… Everywhere I tried to find/launch the game it was just gone!
Even MS store didn’t show that I had it or could update it.

Due to limited bandwidth on mobile connections I did NOT want to have to download again. That’s a whole month’s worth of internets.
So I googled and I googled and eventually was led to the Xbox app, within which was the option to continue the update.
After which it became listed and visible again.

So whilst it looked like it was uninstalled, it was just … lost.
In my case down to an interrupted download but maybe something’s triggered the same thing in other cases?
Worth looking at the Xbox app anyway (assuming on PC). You never know.

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My game unstalled itself after last update for no damn reason i guess they haven’t improved at all since forza horizon 3, ngs and halo mcc all were broken at launch. Now when i want to start installation again it’s capped at 30kb/s instead 70mb/s what a joke of a store.

I have had FH5 uninstall itself on a couple of occasions. It has always been as a result of a client update. If you start the update through Windows Store, it may say something like “Something happened on our end”, and give an option to retry. DO NOT retry. The interface is lying, and the download is continuing in the background. If you hit retry, it will nuke the installation and you will need to reinstall everything all over.

Same Problem here. I will try to install on HDD now, and see what happens there. It was previously installed on internal M2 SSD, so lets see, if it is may be an issue with SSDs.

This is happening to me now everyday now!!! After i reboot my computer the next day, Forza Horizon 5 is gone from the SSD the folder is still there, my computer and gamepass still thinks it is there, but when i click on it, it takes me to the MS Store to the Gaming servixes app.

Is this to do with using the custom folder feature?

I am sick of downloading 104gb it takes me 24hrs to do so… Internet is pretty slow in my area.

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