[PC] Menu Stutters

The demo runs fine during races but I get massive stutters in the menus. Here’s a video showing my problem Forza Motorsport 7 4K 60FPS - YouTube

System specs

i5 4690K

Same here on high end system unplayable hopefully this is fixed on release date but I sure have my doubts

Turn off “Game Mode” in Windows Settings. turn off any anti-virus / MSI Afterburner. overclocking, monitoring applications that might interfere with the game.

If you have a monitor that goes above 60hz, with G-Sync / FreeSync. turn it to 60Hz and turn G-Sync off.

I always have game mode off, don’t have anti virus on, don’t overclock, don’t have a screen over 60Hz either. I only had MSI Afterburner on for that video, the stutters were there before I used it. I have the newest drivers and version of Windows too.

Thanks for the recommendations though.

I wonder, does it still stutter in menu when you press “alt+enter” … switching from fullscreen to windowed mode? also did you turn “Game-DVR” off and perhaps “Game-Bar” in settings?

It might also help to go at “control panel → power options - high performance plan”, and if you have any “power-management” features in AMD Catalyst settings, high performance also.

Compatibility mode/Power Efficiency off in your radeon settings, and maybe this option in this video, where you can set forza7.exe on high performance? (i have Nvidia card so idk how radeon settings is exactly). i also see a “Frame Rate Target Control”

I have some slight stutter in menus as well on PC. Mainly with the driver when he’s moving around. I always get a 2-4 second pause after lap one in the Dubai race as well the first time I drive. Not after that though if I run the race again. Very odd. Overall it runs very smooth just not as good as Apex. I don’t find it looks as sharp as Apex either.

It still stutters in windowed mode. It’s the only game I have any technical issues with, hopefully it’s fixed in an update. Maybe AMD will have new drivers on launch day to help out.

If you are still experiencing this, please check out this post and follow the steps listed there.

Stop worrying about a demo and wait to see if it is a problem in the full game which is a totally different build and I’m sure been worked on since that demo made the rounds. I’m sure someone will talk about it if you are deciding to buy that much is certain.