[PC]I can´t get Achievments "Info"

Hi Forza Gamers

i have a Problem since Horizon 3 i get no Info about any Achievment that i get it counts but i don´t see it like on xbox that thing with the sound and the info on screen is it normal on PC ?

and my Logitec G920 dont have FF

greets Markus

Same here . But on my second pc is a “ring” sound when i unlock an achievement … funny
… also the Tracker for some achievements (all elite series , stormchaser ,world traveler and 1 or two other) wont work .

I’m not getting any achievements at all and I’m like a third through the campaign.

so we got another thread of getting no achievements?

I’m still getting no gamerscore/achievements, too. if I’m running the Xbox app, starting FM7, continuing my career progress with a few races, ending the game, the Xbos app say “last played 3 or XXX hours ago”, doesn’t matter that I’ve just played.