[PC] Horizon server is currently unavailable


For the past 3 days my game cannot connect to horizon servers. I am unable to see the festival playlist or do anything requiring internet connection.

The weird part is that I see players on the map (not driveatars). I can interact with them but still any online activity is locked for me.

I can play the game on the same network and with the same account on my Xbox and it is fine there.

Any ideas?

Make sure you have done your windows updates. If you were behind on net.framework, for instance, this sort of stuff can happen.

I did all updates, .NET framework is also up to date. I tried reinstalling the game and the issue still persists. This is really weird, because it was working fine up until 4 days ago. I checked if the game got blocked by firewall somehow but it didn’t.

Have you done this guide? What is your network status and nat type in xbox app?

Check teredo status, open command prompt in admin level and run this: