[PC] Handbrake controls inverted (Fanatec CSL-E)

When I use my wheel, the handbrake is stuck on at all times. I can only drive if I have the handbrake pulled.

Fanatec CSL Elite Xbox wheel base
BMW Gt2 wheel rim
CSL-E pedals with loadcell
ClubSport Shifter v1.5
ClubSport Handbrake v1.5

On PC, handbrake connected via wheel base.

I quit the game, turned off wheel, unplugged handbrake, re-started wheel, re-started game. Same problem. Handbrake in-game is being activated by itself. Cannot drive car at all.

OK, just seen that these are both ‘known issues’ on the support site. Supposedly fixed in Day One patch… When is this coming? Please don’t say Oct 2nd…

day one patch oct 2nd? that would be very upsetting… better be today, was fine in the demo! :confused:

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Im in the same boat. I dont have a handbrake. As a result car doesnt move. Kinda makes it hard to play :frowning: