[PC] Game still freezing freezing at 'Welcome Back' screen when you first load the game.

As the title says, sometimes the game freezes on the black screen with the loading symbol in the bottom right straight after the loading screen stats before the mini cutscene at the house. Paying £80 quid for this is an absolute joke. Have to reboot the game multiple times before it decides to work.

Running Windows 10 1803 OS Build 17134.407

Nvidia driver 416.81

(btw, why do these forums run so slow? pages take forever to load and makes using them nearly as infuriating as it is trying to enjoy this broken game).

Maybe create a ticket here

And maybe provide more info than what you have here as well
Starting with your full pc specs

ASUS Strix GTX 1070, i7 6700k, HyperX Fury 16GB RAM 2400Mhz, Corsair RM850x PSU and game installed on a Crucial MX300 SSD.

I’m not stupid enough to try run a game with lower than recommended specs. Also, since the game was working previously, I highly doubt it’s a hardware problem. Hence why I just mentioned driver version (which I’ve updated to latest since) and Windows version, which again I updated as I’m guessing there’s been some sort of software problem based on a recent game patch or windows update.

Is there any way to attach the Dxdiag here? I can only see options for pictures and links rather than attachments.