PC game pass questions

Hi all, I have a few questions on playing horizon 5 on the game pass for PC.

1, I’ve always played on Xbox and received some freebies for being a ‘forza veteran’. Will playing on the PC forfeit these?

2, Will my progress contribute to Forza HUB?

3, Will I receive Forza HUB benefits?

4, Will playing the standard version for a couple of weeks effect anything when I decide to buy the ultimate edition?


To answer your qestions:

  1. Gifts are attributed to your gamertag so any received on Xbox will be available on PC too. Game saves are cross-platform

2+3. Forza Horizon 5 does not use Forza Hub. That was removed from the Store in September. You can still receive the credits for past games till middle of next year when the Hub will be retired. Loyalty benefits for FH5 are a specific car for each past entry you have played (although some earlier titles aren’t included)

  1. It shouldn’t do, no. I have played a few games where I played on Game Pass first then bought the game later, most recently FM7, albeit I have always played on Xbox
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Thanks for the quick response. Answered everything I needed :+1: