[PC] Game crashes on startup

So after it went live i started the download just to be greeted by a crash to desktop before the game has even started. Sound started to crackle just before the splash screen starts and crashes to desktop.
Downloaded the game again to make sure nothing was corrupted. Same problem.

Started the game through start menu, xbox app, microsoft store…all same result…simply refuses to go past the playground logo.

Windows 10 (latest version/update)
i5 6600K
1070GTX w/ driver 399.24 (latest version )
8GB 3600Mhz DDR4
Installed on a 3200/1800mbs nvme SSD

No on screen error message, and obviously no graphics setting selected since i cant even start the game. Funny enough Forza Motosport 7 starts without a problem.

Eventviewer shows this after crashing:

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100% same problem for me.
Must have tried launching the game 50 times now, changing everything I can think of. Nothing.
FH3 starts for me too fine.
I was excited for this game but this has just ruined it.

I was on reddit as well, good to see some support here.

So i checked the other forum threads here, specifically the one with the audio problems. I tried what it said there about the audio enhancements, i now got past the splash and loading screen and playing the demo as we speak. Only thing is i dont have audio during the race itself. Maybe a reboot is necessary but at the moment i just play the game and make engine noises myself.

YES! So it doesn’t crash if I use my monitor’s built-in speakers, but if I use my headphones it crashes. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D].

For me it was the spatial sounds enabled for the headphones.

It seems like any spatial sounds enabled will cause the game to crash after / near the startup animation. (Windows Sonic for Headphones and Dolby Atmos as well)
Disabling this solved the crashing issue.

However, I suspect that for some reason the speaker configuration is still handled as surround and not stereo, so even after disabling Spatial and the game started without issues I had no sound on the headphones during the race.

To be specific:

  • Game has sound during the title
  • No music or sound when showing the McLaren and the “Press enter to start”
  • Only some sound during the intro video (no sound for Rebecca for example)
  • When the race starts no sound at all

Setting the output to my monitor speakers made everything work, switching back to headphones had still no sound. So I toyed with some settings back and forth, configuring the speakers and suddenly got it working on the headphones as well.

In a nutshell here are the steps that (I believe) resolved both the startup issue and got back the sound on the headphones:

  • Disable Spatial Sound - turning this on causes crash on startup (with the event log message above)
  • Make sure that the “Disable Enhancements” is not ticked in the Sound Control panel for the output device (suggestion from another sound related thread)
  • Configure speakers on the output device to stereo
  • Restart Windows 10

After this both the game and the sound was working with headphones without any issues.

Hope this helps.

Note to devs: The game is amazing and the demo has loads of content. Couldn’t sleep until 1AM and still not finished with it. Great job, can’t wait for the release :slight_smile:

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Thanks will give it a try once i get the chance later today, will let you know the result.

Please can everyone make sure that their drivers are updated to the latest release as a few have recently released a new version update.

If the issue still continues, please try the following (as I am currently looking further into the fix):

  • Try starting without any headphone plugged in as there is a current audio issue I’m investigating.
  • Make sure that the account which is used for the Microsoft store is the same as your Xbox account.
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Still crashes about half of the time I try to play.

I had the same(or very similar) log after crashing to desktop, also a log entry with something to do with page file size. I even had a BSOD the first time I tried to run the game. Never had one with my build before. I have 16GB RAM and page file size was set to about 2GB manually. I set it to “System managed size” or something like that and after that I could play without problem. I only played like half an hour like this, but at least it worked. I’ll check it again after work, because when it worked I enabled dynamic optimization and set dynamic render quality to ultra. When it gave me BSOD I set everything manually to Ultra (or Extreme where I could) with 4x msaa.

Hello everyone !
I had the same problem here and I confirm disabling my audio spatialisation software solved the issue.

Thanks you cl0rr !

Thanks all and have a good race !

Microsoft House of Fans Ambassador

Seems to have fix my audio issues as well, again thanks!

They should sticky the solution since about half of these topics are having the same issues.

I had to unplug my Mixed Reality Headset to overcome this problem


you just cured my problems :wink:


Same here, you can just disable WMR in Devices.
Same problem as in Demo.

T10, is anyone looking into this?

After today’s update, Oct. 2nd, I am now crashing on startup. I tried everything in here and nothing has worked. The game worked perfectly before today’s update so I don’t have a clue why there is an issue now.

Same problem, Forza 7 shows splash screen then closes. Started happening today after updating the game via windows app store (October 2nd update).

Tried the following:

  • Clearing temp data.
  • Resetting xbox app.
  • Resetting windows store cache.
  • Resetting Forza7 app.
  • Logging out in windows store and xbox apps.
  • Disabling developer mode (suggestion found in the game support portal).
  • Installed free app from store.
  • Reinstalled hoonigan DLC.
  • Reinstalled ALL DLC.
  • Updating windows to 1803 (OS Build 17134.345)
  • Updating NVIDIA drivers to latest.
  • Downgrading NVIDIA drivers to an older version.
  • Starting pushToInstall service (setting automatic).
  • Starting BITS service.
    I have only one account in the system, which is the same MS account that purchased the game, even so I tried changing to a local account. Problem presists.

Microsoft event viewer error log:

A lot of people seem to have this error, but no reported solution for it is working. Can an uninstall/install fix it? I have a metered connection (with 100Gb cap) and would prefer not to be forced to do it. I just updated the game!!! How can this happen!? My windows 10 is as vanilla as possible - only games are installed and everything is up-to-date.

Funny enough, FM7 and FH3 work just fine for me. Even with Afterburner and RTSS active (like it should).

i had the same issue with FH3 and FM7 one year ago. to fix the startup crashes do this:

login to windows with your microsoft account, dont use a local user account! you can change this under “windows settings” → "accounts"

this fixed all my problems and i never had a startup crash again. reply if this worked for you guys aswell.

This started happening after the October 2nd 2018 update. Tried all “solutions” available in the forums, reddit and forza support. Only thing that solved the crashing to desktop was uninstalling the game and installing again the 98Gb + all DLC.

This left a very bitter taste. I had no errors on update, and was not expecting the game to be “bricked”.

If you have a DAC , then unplug it.
Now FH4 works flawless for me. tarted crashing a week ago.
It seems that anything that is not “vanilla” sound will crash it (among other things?)