[PC] Game crashes during loading screen every time

Hey there!

I played the game when it was first released, but have been encountering this problem shortly after I started playing. I figured that because of T10’s lack of my issue in the “identified issues” portion of their sticky, my problem more than likely won’t be fixed with the next update. So here’s what I’m experiencing!

Crashing (every time) at the “Loading please wait” message at the start of the game
I can keep the beautiful intro video running as long as I want without pressing any buttons, but as soon as it starts to load it crashes every time. Sometimes it makes it past the text to the 3 options, sometimes it doesn’t, but either way it can’t get past the screen. I’ve tried the following to no avail:

  • Changing priority in the task manager
  • Disabling all anti-virus software (this is a new build without any and I’m still having issues)
  • Running as administrator
  • Disabling any type of overlays and ending any NVIDIA processes (no additional overlay software outside of NVIDIA’s are installed)

If T10 would like to chime in, or someone who has experienced the same issue, that would be awesome.


Join the club, plenty of others with the exact same issue and no tech support whatsoever!