[PC] Freezing in home menus after update

The game keeps freezing when I try to do anything in the home menus when I am in game.

I can get into the game and drive around no problem if I am quick enough. But as soon as I get into a home menu to buy a car or download a tune or anything the game just locks up. Its been happening since the last update, I’ve tried a full reinstall and still freezes in the home menus.

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I’m honestly this close to just refunding the game. I can’t do anything at all. I’ve tried absolutely everything and the lack of response from the devs about this and other bugs is disheartening.

Thanks for this information, we will look into this further.

If you get any more data about the crash please let me know. Also make sure all the drivers are up to date or potentially try lowering the game settings.

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I havent ever had a problem with game settings my PC was farm more capable of playing with everything maxed out at launch.
It doesnt seem to be home menus now it’s randomly freezing in game. I have updated windows to latest, drivers and everything.

I am also getting this issue. I can attempt to quickly exit the menus to drive around, but as soon as I go back to the menu to plot a destination on the map, enter the “Horizon Site” or even a player home; My game crashes in one of the menus. PLEASE FIX!

I’ve got the same issue.