[PC] Forza Servers are unavailable

I cant seem to fix this and Ive been getting this error since yesterday. I cant access any online related content and I am not banned. I keep getting this error and I can’t fix it. Ive tried restarting my pc, restarting the game, reinstalling the game, resetting my router, running as admin. yet none of it worked any idea what i can do to fix it? My friends are having no problems but I’m stuck with this. The error message says “Server Unavailable. The Forza Horizon 5 server is not currently available.the Festival Playlist is now using the Fallback Series. Please try again later”. Ive tried this “later” many times now and I’m frustrated out of my mind rn.

This is copied from a reddit post from last week. It has been around a week since my game has been broken and neither the hotfix or server maintenance helped. this is literally game breaking for me and the only fix ive ever found is to completely reinstall windows which i dont have the time or storage to do. Are the devs even aware of this bug? It’s absolutely infuriating. It’s gotten to the point where i cant even enjoy the game anymore. All of my support tickets have been given the same useless copy pasted message. I swear this is going to drive me insane.

I dont have anything other than windows defender. I’ll try uninstalling GeForce Experience. I also have Razer Synapse but all that does is control my keyboard LEDs.

What anti-virus/internet security software do you use? If it’s anything other than Windows Defender, try uninstalling it. This game seems to be having a lot of issues with 3rd party anti-virus for some reason.

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card and have GeForce Experience installed, tyr uninstalling that as well…probably won’t make a difference but I have seen people have issues with it in other games. Same with any gaming software like Razer Cortex etc

Update, didnt work unfortunately

I’m on the same boat. It was working the first night, but since then I’m unable to play online. The server is permanently disconnected for me and it’s been like 6 days now. I paid money to do multiplayer and I’m stuck with singleplayer. Honestly, I don’t know what to do anymore.

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Do a clean boot of Windows 10, and after that go to start - settings - gaming - xbox networking to see what the test results are.

Teredo is very difficult with routers, firewalls, corrupted windows installations, 3rd party applications and services, drivers etc.

Unfortunately i dont have the storage or knowledge to do that

nvm im stupid i thought you meant clean install.

Did you also do the clean boot from the link i gave you? using msconfig and task manager?

Ok so i’ve been looking around for this problem, it seems it could be a few things :

1 : the game didnt update properly from windows store or steam, but since you reinstalled the game i doubt that is the issue
2 : the date and time in windows is incorrect
3 : Log out from the Xbox app, then open the game. a xbox sign-in window should pop up, sign in again and see if that works.
4 : Reset the windows firewall : start - settings - at “find a setting” box type “firewall” and select “firewall and network protection” - restore firewalls to default
5 : Reset network in windows : start - settings - network & internet - network reset
6 : Reset or repair Forza Horizon 5 : start - settings - apps - apps & features - forza horizon 5 (click on it first) - advanced options (blue letters) - reset or repair

additionally you could also try to reset or repair the microsoft store, xbox apps, gaming services


STEP 3 WORKED! Finally, Thanks so much dude! I did 1,2,4,5,and 6 without success,but 3 worked! Hopefully it stays fixed!


I’ve been researching how to fix this for hours and hours…

Step 3 also worked for me (so far). Hopefully this can help others with the same problem!

Hi, I’m on the same boat, but nothing has worked for me.
Forza support has been completely useless to do the least.
Not sure if anyone has any other workarounds that I could try

The other thing which hasn’t been mentioned for PC users is to keep up with your main windows updates. Most often, when I cannot connect, I find the solution is to search for any windows updates I missed in the last 24 hours. Do the update. Let it reboot. Wait about 10 more minutes and reboot one more time. Note: this doesn’t mean you have to install all of the optional updates. Only the main ones matter…

PC and game are up to date. Even tried with hotspot and still not able to take part of any of the online modes.
Thanks for the suggestion though