[PC] Forza 7 Ultimate Edition Errors during download

Errors during download on Forza 7 Ultimate Edition. I’ve been through the run around with 3 Microsoft chat people, who all told me they know it’s not working and to sit and wait for a fix. Code: 0x80070005. I’ve done everything in the troubleshooting email from Microsoft and tried everything I’ve read on these forums to no avail.

Intel i7-4770k
16gb RAM
GTX 1070
Installing onto a 2.5tb HD with 2tb free space.

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start - settings (cogwheel icon) - apps & features - store - advanced options - reset


copy and paste this line in powershell (Administrator) to reinstall store stuff.


Start windows10 in safe-mode, open up command prompt as administrator (command prompt title bar should say “Administrator: Command Prompt”)

None of that works for me.