(PC) Forza 7 Car Pass Install Error

Forza 7 Car Pass through Windows Store:

Application ID is shared between the: 1955 Chevy, and the 1970 Citroen 2CV

I can install the 1955 before the 1970 without issue, and I can also install the 1970 before the 1955 without issue; but not both. Several days and no resolution to this problem and no way to fix; tried app reset, registry fixes and all known store app bs.

Store error: Code: 0x80073D15

A main or another optional app package has the same application ID as this optional package. Change the application ID for the optional package to avoid conflicts.

I would really enjoy not seeing; and hearing random - cannot install reports on my desktop.


Nothing? No response from microsoft, nothing here, and no way to get a refund. Fabulous


Exactly same problem here! Nothing from Microsoft… Same package…

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Exactly same problem here! Nothing from Microsoft… Same package…

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bah, same issue here.
nothing I do seems to fix the issue. no updates on any of your sides?
this sucks.

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I’m having the exact same issue as the 1955 Chevy 150 Utility Sedan won’t install. I upgraded to Windows 10 - 1803 version and reinstalled Forza 7 as it was getting stuck at the startup screen. Then doing the updates it listed all the car pack cars as installing separately and got stuck on the 1955 Chevy Utility Sedan. Need a fix from the Forza 7 team.

Im also suffering with this problem, Im attempting to install the game on the C: drive for the first time and i get the problem, This needs a fix from Microsoft ASAP!

Windows store is utter garbage!

Ive already tried the /wsreset command, no help. ive tried windows store troubleshooting app, still not fixed, im now attempting to move the install folder.

Having exactly the same issue. Bought the Ultimate Edition of the game yesterday. Everything went in ok, apart from the “1955 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan” with the same error code. Does one of the other DLCs have the same application ID?

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Identical problem… still no fix from Microsoft?

Fresh install and purchase today.

Exactly the same, and it´s annoying AF see the popup there constantly.

Honestly, I feel like they abandoned this game.

having the same issue