PC + Fanatec wheel = still constant crashing!

How has this not been addressed?. Could we get some feedback from anyone that has any connection to the team.

They haven’t even made an attempt to update or fix this. I do appreciate that they fixed all the networking constant convoy disconnects in the first few weeks. But there are thousands of wheel users that cannot play this game at all right now on PC. No effort has been made to even give us some information that they’re working on a fix.

It’s unbelievably disappointing and should be embarrassing for their team to not at least be reaching out to the community to say, hey we’re working on it, or we’ve got an idea. But to just leave us with a game that’s unplayable and no communication is extremely unprofessional and says a lot about the development teams inability to care about their fans and make their game workable.

You can’t promote that your game supports Fanatec Wheels when it absolutely does not. It’s false advertising. It’s been a couple of months: it’s time for them to have this fixed and far past time to make a statement about the situation.


Another update, now almost April… no fanatec fix listed in the changelog. How is this legal?