[PC] Demo has long load times


I read the known issues, but I don’t have an IGPU.

I am loading of M2 SSD and it took about 4mins or so. Benchmark loaded very quickly.


AMD 1950x with local memory mode active
Gigabyte Auros x399
32GB Gskill 3200Mhz
2x 1080TI FTW3(SLI disabled - because you know, why would you support MGPU with DX12)
Adata M2 SSD 512GB
various other SSDs

performance is very good, at 1440p with 150 scale and everything set to max settings I get about 80FPS average.

Bit of the environment are missing like tracks and stands.

If you set your FPS locked to 60, do you still see tracks and stands missing?

My FPS was locked to 60 with vsync in game. That 80FPS was from the benchmark, which also had missing models,

If you lower your in-game video settings, do you still experience the missing environment?

I’ll have to reinstall again. Uninstalled after testing to make sure it mostly works as I didn’t want to play it much before the retail release.

But I will reinstall it when I go back to my PC later tonight. I’ll try with a bunch of settings and report back.

Alright so uh, every thing works fine.

I reinstalled last night, but I didn’t run it, shutdown my PC, went to bed.

Came on this morning, booted up the PC no changes or updates or patches, launched the game.

Set all settings to max values including MSAA 8x and 150% render scale so my resolution is 3840x2160 with 60 FPS Vsync.

I tried all 3 races smashing in to cars, going in reverse, all sorts. No hiccups at all, no missing models or stutters. Loading times were much faster, maybe 15 seconds-ish for each race to load.

I guess to get the best results is to install, restart then play?