Hi, everybody. It seems that FM 7 has gone back in the early days of Forza Horizon 3.

FM7 crashes irregularly at the timing when it switches from menu export and photo shoot.

I love this game so I want you to fix it soon.

Machine Spec:

Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700k
Memory: 32768MB RAM
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063.632)
NVIDIA Graphics Driver Version: 385.69
FM7 Graphics Quality Settings: Ultra, 30FPS
Screen Resolution: 3960 x 2160

Mini dump file, Windows Events, DxDiag(OneDrive, zip file, 2.4MB) : https://1drv.ms/u/s!As-7TPolfIlQl_IJ4Y9uAYcBV2eqfA

Method 1:
nvlddmkm.sys livekernelevent suggest that “something” went wrong with the Nvidia driver.

Method 2:
Your exception code is 0xc0000005

Method 3:
I also see “0x80000000000000” ( i suggest a clean boot of your windows )

Method 4:
“LKD_0x117_Tdr:3_TdrBug:575504_TdrVTR:11_IMAGE_nvlddmkm.sys_Pascal” indicates a deeper problem maybe even hardware.

Method 5:

  • go in Nvidia Geforce Control Panel - set “powermanagement mode” to “prefer maximum performance”
  • you can also go at the top “help” and enable “debug mode” , this will change your factory overclocks back to stock speeds. disable debug mode will enable it again.
  • in control panel - power options - select “high performance” plan.

Method 6:

  • Clean Windows10 install (if there are no other options left)

I hope all this info will help you solve the problem.

I understand how to deal with it, but that’s not the problem.

Although FH 3 was also suggesting countermeasures like that, there were no people who had an effect, and in fact PlayGround Games corrected the code by correcting the code.

In that case you just gotta wait for a FM7 patch :slight_smile:

Hi, everybody. I tried changing the screen resolution. However, the result has not changed much.

This occurred when I got the changeover of the car manufacturer early in the garage.

I love this game so I want you to fix it soon.

Machine Spec:

Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700k
Memory: 32768MB RAM
Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063.632)
NVIDIA Graphics Driver Version: 385.69
FM7 Graphics Quality Settings: Ultra, FPS is not limit
Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Mini dump file, Windows Events, DxDiag(OneDrive, zip file, 3.6MB) : https://1drv.ms/u/s!As-7TPolfIlQl_IZZAj2j4A5bSYM2Q

filename : FM7_20170930.zip

It took 1 year for Horizon 3 to run on my PC without crashing withing 10 min. the longest i played now is about 20-30 min before it crash, So now a year later i can finaly play almost normally… i paid 109$ for the ultimate edition and its been a huge waste of money… then we can begin talking about having to install 3rd party programs to make Wheels run properly…

I sat maybe 1 hour when Forza 7 just released and was almost tempted to buy, Demo have been running fine… Now i am not so stupid as last time, so of course i waited and checked out this forum, and to my suprise (is it even that?) threads are popping up about the game crashing. My alarm bells are ringing big time, i am not going to throw my money out to Forza motorcrash 7 that can sit on my PC being unplayable… Untill signs show that this game is stable on PC its a no go.

WHen i had a Xbox360 i played the shit out of all the Forza games. I loved them to bits, but after the disaster the PC ports are, i kinda lost faith… so many developers release games for PC and make them run right. But this huge company with much bigger budgets dont give a damn about making the PC versions run like butter. The wheels can be used straight out of the box this time. so thats atleast something.

It really is too bad, and a huge disapointment! I am glad there’s people which game runs fine out there, so that Forza can continue on this platform. but i hope they get things straight a lot faster this time, and when it does, i’ll be happy to buy


Having the same issue since day one…also was the same with FH3 in the beginning.
Nvidia driver stops responding and was recovered. This can happen any time, even when just browsing in the upgrade shop
In the event viewer there are always the same errors:

display drivers isn’t responding and was recovered

Variable String too Large

NVRM: Graphics TEX Exception on (GPC 5, TPC 3): TEX NACK / Page Fault

NVRM: Graphics TEX Exception on (GPC 5, TPC 2): TEX LAYOUT

Graphics Exception: ESR 0x51ca24=0x80000000 0x51ca28=0x0 0x51ca2c=0x0 0x51ca34=0x0
(GPC and TPC # is always different)

This only occurs when playing FM7 as it seems. Other new and quite demanding games work just fine.

i5 6600k
Win 10 Pro 64Bit

also tested 385.69 with the same result


Just wanted to add, that these errors only appear since I played FM7. None of these errors appeared in event viewer before I started playing FM7.
Also I don’t BSOD, it’s just “crashing” the driver.

Same exact issues here. It seems to happen more often, when I’m doing multiplayer and in the lobby, or after a race finishes. But, also happens after finishing races, or in menus when I’m only doing single player.

Keep in mind this happens on a fresh install of Win10 Pro. 1080GTX card (387.92 driver version), WQHD (2560 x 1440)@144mhz with g-sync enabled. This doesn’t happen with any other application.

There was another patch now, roughly 3 months after this thread was started and I decided to have another go at some MP racing. Game is overall very “stuttery”, micro freezes when browsning garage for example. And of course game decided to freeze altogether when selecting a car in a lobby. I get the same errors in event viewer here. What we all seem to have in common are Nvidia cards (mine a 980ti, latest drivers installed). I only get these errors and freezing in FM7 as well, everything else is rock solid.

On a personal note: Sadly I cannot enjoy your product, Turn10. I can never relax knowing that any moment your game will freeze up on me. I was always looking forward to playing the Forza Motorsport franchise, so much that I bought two generations worth of consoles just to be able to play it and I was really looking forward to it coming to PC.

Simple fix would be is to not buy the game now cause it’s still in early access mode, yeah not even in alpha, beta or whatever, EARLY ACCESS
just like FH3, don’t wait for any miracle patches any time soon, i’d say mid 2018 it will be playable, problem is not on pc only, people on consoles have all sort of issues, including crashes etc

It was working fine for me yesterday. I come home from work today and bam, crashes to desktop instantly after splash screen again (was happening last week as well until it randomly started working) The ONLY change to my OS I’ve made is reinstalling my Nvidia drivers which for some reason were corrupted after a few days of playing Forza. Now that I’ve reinstalled 387.92… Stopped working again. Is this a Game or a VERY large and elaborate Virus? Maybe it will link all of the devices running it in the world and become sentient and self aware. And maybe then ask us what Love is…

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