Has anybody done a patina I need some tips on how to do it please I’d greatly appreciate it

I did this one recently:

My first step was looking at pictures of cars and picking one to copy the colors of. And once I had the colors (thanks to ‘sketch designer’) it was a question of adding lots of layers (I usually use the ones that are a bunch of dots clustered together) and alternating between different shades of the rust color you’ve picked. Choose a few seams and body lines to give some extra attention to (and avoid rusting plastic parts and other places there wouldn’t generally be rust, and go heavier in places that would get more wear- around the wheels, front end, etc.). And practice…

I just did such thing once. Here is how:

First you start with a matt base color. Next step is you design some rust traces along the chassis, scratches etc. with stronger colors or f.e. white if you want some fades. For that work you find a lot of community patterns, especially the faded ones go best for that.

When you are satisfied with the traces you just have to place a grey or maybe brown layer over all and make this one slightly transparent. That gives you a good finish like real worn paintjobs.

Sounds easy but needs some time to create a realistic look. You need to concentrate on the details for a good result, so take your time.

Try to imagine, how water and rust will flow over a real car, get a feeling for the car design, the proportions and just orientate on them.

Hope that helps.

Just remember that if you use community patterns you can’t add the design to your Hub. So if you can make everything from scratch it will be better for you to share it.

I meant the shapes available in the editor (don´t know exactly what they are called in english version…community shapes?) . Sorry for misunderstandings, english is not my native language, so its kinda hard to explain what i mean sometimes :smiley:

Thank you for the advice sir

All good advice. My .02, layers and texture. Your RL cars finish isn’t made of single colored clay. Even though I’ve seen cars I could have sworn we’re made of Bondo… There’s metal, primer, and at the very least one layer of color. These layers all weather and feather out differently. You will usually see primer through the paint where paint is heavily sun baked, buffed, or weathered away. Also texture, paint chips, scratches or flakes off and in doing so there will be a hard edge, as opposed to the smooth fade out of wearing away. And rust, rust is definitely as much texture as it is different shades.

Best advice is to mess around in your design editor to find the effects your looking for and save it. Then incorporate it on all your projects, plus you can then add to it or take away depending on the vehicle/surface your working on.