Patching older Forza games to make use of Xbox One X capability (4K)

I spent the weekend going through all the Xbox One Forza Motorsports and Forza Horizons (including the original X360 Forza Horizon) to get a sense of the improvements of running them on Xbox One X. The load times are indeed much improved, and the forced 16xAF improves the look of the road surfaces. The effect is subtle, easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it, but it’s a welcome improvement to image quality that all non-One X Enhanced games benefit from.
Then I got to thinking – in interviews for One X development Turn 10 said it only took a couple of days to have the Forza engine up and running at 4K with plenty of overhead to spare. I’m aware that the focus should be on the new and shiny Forza 7 right now, but as a fan of the series I would love to see the older games patched to run in 4K and push out the LODs further. Nothing else need be done; don’t touch textures or car models – just resolve that distant corner with more pixels so I can judge it better when I’m barrelling towards it at 300kph. Or better still, really appreciate the details of the beautifully rendered coastline in Forza Horizon 2.
You’ve already done the hard work, Turn 10. Show the older games a little love :slight_smile:

Sorry this isn’t really Forza 7 related – I couldn’t find a forum that applied to my request.

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they have no assets in 4k for any of the games. currently it not worth the time and money.
if your wonder is this and forza 4k . not its fake 4k but thats it. install sizes for the 4 k patch are way to small for 4k.
also fun fact forza h 3 sky is film in 12k. not current machine can 12k atm

They are doing Burn out Paradise with 4k,60 fps for $39.99.

game has no assest for 4k to began with. their just up scaling it to a 4k screen . nothing else.

Has anyone tried the One X with a 1440p monitor yet? I heard about an update to bring 1440p support but I’m not sure if it’s supported yet.