Patch this new exploit on fh5 please

A weeks ago players found a new exploit using for Drift zones that make you gain extra 30-100K points

It’s all about “Reset” the car while you drift and will spawn you little bit back on the track.

Please patch it on FH5
Also patch the looping on drift zones

It’s easy, if all tiers out of the track, the run failed
If you change tune or Reset while you in the zone, it failed

It was only 9 Legit drift zone on entire game including 2 DLC
5 main map
1 fortune island
3 lego

Now it’s 0

Thank you.

The game isn’t even out yet. It’s a bit silly to ask for a patch for it. Presumably this exploit is in FH4 and may not even exist in FH5. But if it did exist, it would make more sense to ask that it’s fixed before release rather than ask for a patch.

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I hope they patch it on FH5

New programmers on FH5.