Patch Notes

Why do we never see them? We just get hit with an update and then that’s that. Almost every other game I play gives a Patch rundown of what has changed, why and what steps are being taken next. It’s little transparencies like that that go a long way to building a regaining trust with what is on balance, a pretty disenchanted fanbase. Just my two cents.

(Also, for an example of what I mean click HERE)


“A pretty disenchanted fanbase.” Spot on if a tad understated, but I understand you were being polite.
As for the patch notes, I’m too disenchanted to even care :slight_smile:

Many of the updates have been rolled out specifically for adding monthly DLC vehicles; otherwise, Turn 10 has told us what significant changes to the game have been made, either through news articles or in the forums. In terms of an all-out change log, console games have just never really had that level of transparency. Whether we chalk that up to Microsoft micro-managing how much info Turn 10 releases to the public or the simple fact that the developers do not wish to display their faults, it doesn’t really matter - the result is all the same.

Another thing to think about: Turn 10 makes the changes they feel are necessary. If gamers see something is changed and a portion of them disagree with that change, a whole new level of complaining begins between those in favor of and those against the change. This way, the change just happens, we roll with it and folks are free to makes whatever assumptions they’d like.

Lastly, Turn 10 has never been one to create an ever-evolving game the likes of what Polyphony tries to do with Gran Turismo. The title goes gold, DLC follows and, in two years, a new title hits. If you think we are getting a boatload of behind-the-scenes, unannounced changes, odds are you are wrong. Many of the game changing adjustments are made in between releases with only critical updates/patches made within a two-year period. If I understand correctly, League of Legends is a game that, over time, greatly changes as the developers and community see fit. Forza Motorsport is not that type of game with that type of lifecycle.

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Forza Motorsport 5 IS evolving as we go, and the most significant item of the last patch was:

Otherwise, they are minor adjustments which are not major changes and not necessarily visible. If they were major (such as adding Long Beach and Road America with the integration, the fix of the little icon for owned cars, etc.) then Turn 10 does give us the information.

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Surely you read the part where I stated “the likes of …”, no? Of course, Forza Motorsport is evolving; but, not in the sense that - as the original poster used as an example - League of Legends is.

Thanks for letting us know it IS evolving,Snowowl,good to know!

So write Turn 10 a letter and tell them how to run their business. That’s easy.

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Hmm … not sure how we ended up going this route. I have no issue with their business. Feeling okay, Snowowl?

There are more changes than we are told about and they are visible. A recent change that I have not seen mentioned anywhere relates to leaderboard sorting.

For a long time in FM5 if you sorted by friends they were ranked 1, 2, 3 etc.

It has recently changed to be the same as FM4 where you see their world rank instead of the 1, 2, 3. There are other changes too that are not announced. The original bug alowing wrong classes in rivals events was fixed silently.


Yup. It is something like an egg hunt finding the minor adjustments after patches and sometimes the changes come as an unexpected surprise.

What ends in an answer, that they are busy and they cannot answer, and you should join this board.

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So do cold tires have more of an effect since the update? We had this conversation on another thread and a few of us have noticed tire temps having a greater effect and being cold for longer.

I did a fair bit of rivals running last night including some long runs (10+ laps).

My conclusion is tyres take longer to warm up now but the longer you run they may eventually get hotter and higher PSI than before the change.

In my 10+ session I ended up with tyre pressures of around 36+ PSI. I dropped my cold pressures by 2PSI. They took an extra lap or so to get up to 34PSI compared to before the latest update but once there worked a treat.

But the thing we will have to now think about is whether we need higher PSI for 2 lap career races versus lower PSI for longer hotlap sessions or online races.

So my next step is to tune, test and practice for the Indy 500 and Le Mans 2.4 hour hoppers to see what my tyre pressures are after half an hour of running and what they feel like.

Thanks Eddie, I don’t know the first thing about tuning but I could feal both those while driving. Just needed a little confirmation. Looking forward to the long lobbies