Paste into or an eraser?

Is there a way to create selections to fill? I’ve attached an example. If I wanted to create that, is it even possible? I realize I could fill the negative space to act as an eraser of sorts but that would force me to have a black background instead of a “die cut” vinyl look.

For example in photoshop I could take the easy route and paste into the selection or the hard route and erase the overlapping sections of the flag manually. For the most part this logo looks doable but the problem I’m seeing is with the stars, a number of them are cut off and I have no idea how I’d accomplish that. Maybe adding a small border around the logo like a stroke of sorts to cover up the overlapping stars? Or the even harder route of filling in the cut off stars manually using prim shapes?

Seems crazy we’re on our 11th iteration here and we still don’t have something as simple as an eraser.

And since I’m here, any way to move layers around without having to copy / paste and then deleting layer from previous position after pasting it in the new location?

As I see it there is no shortcuts here if you do not want to use the masking technique.

I would start with PJ´s guide here:
When set up, I would make the base logo white and then start adding the other colors and prim shapes. If you follow the guide above and make the basic logo first you have a simpler time tracing the more complex shapes using the basic prim vinyls.

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Links not working but I’ll do a search and see if I can come up with it.

It’s funny in that it took me maybe 2min to make that example in PS but it’s going to be a few hours in game haha. I have so much more respect for all the designs I see out there now. I always assumed you could use stock manufacturer logos from the in game library but even those lock your paint jobs. When I see liveries with 20+ manufacturer logos…just respect.

The default manufacturers’ logos provided in the game by the devs do not lock your designs. I have shared many designs using the manufacturers’ logos for years across many games including Horizon 4.

The link refers to a thread stickied in this forum, [Guide] Creating Accurate Logos by PJTierney. Excellent guide if you can utilize it.

Yes, by masking I mean blocking away areas with the color of the car. To fill the negative space as you described it :slight_smile:

And yeah, the paint editor is what it is. Has been like this for ever, but it´s ok when you get the hang of it.