Passenger mode - we want it

When will we see a passenger mode?

I want to be able to sit as a passenger while someone else drives.

Could you imagine sitting shotgun while your buddy is in a drift tandem and you’re enjoying a cold one? I can.

The fanbase would love a passenger mode. Being able to sit shotgun and or backseat during a race/free roam would make all Forza games a lot more fun and would also naturally draw players together for a whole new unique perspective.

I want to see players upshift and clutch kick and handbrake. I want to see close calls, crashes, successful passes etc. I want to see their telemetry in real time…

I hope we get to see this mode soon. Forza is about the players. Why not put the players in the same vehicle?!

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I can see how this might be cool if you have a friend who is an expert racer or dirfter to see it from their perspective, but I personally would never use a feature like this. I’d rather play the game myself than be a spectator.