Pass the It Tag event

Help please what is “Pass the it” tag event and how do I play it??

Im just an old racing guy who has never heard of Pass the It or tag game on Forza


Sorry Guys found, well never been there before looks fun


I’d also like to know.

I would like to know how to set up a pass the it tag race as well. The option doesn’t seem to be available.

Yeah what is it?

“It’s” the very last option in the mutltiplayer hopper menu - complete one round and you’ve got the March '18 Forzathon challenge. The object of the challenge is to avoid the “it” for the longest or hit someone if you’re “it” and a pass “it” on.

Its a game of tag, in some areas also called it. Catch and avoid being caught. The “it” is marked red on the mini map.