Party Issues

Hey not sure if I’m the only one with this problem but I am having issues connecting to parties. I’ll get an invite and instead of joining the party it just snaps the window as if you snapped party and you can select create party. Every once in a while I can eventually connect to a party but am unable to join party chat it just says chat is unavailable at the moment. Is there something I am doing wrong or can this be fixed?

sorry if this is the wrong place to post.
cheers -Tyrant

Try turning instant on mode off in the settings and then turn your xbox off for a couple of minutes. Then turn it back on, this will refresh your xbox. That may help because the same thing was happening to me. Hope that helps.

Thanks so much! It worked.

Are you able to instant on again after resetting or do you leave it off now?

I just leave it off on mine.

I turned it back on, cause one of my favorite features is being able to to turn on with voice. So far no issues connecting to parties but good to know how to fix if it happens again.