Particular Question on online ranking?

Hello all,

I’ll be quick with the OP as I’m heading to work soon. I’ve read here that you need to complete 10 series from any series to get a ranking for that particular series (I know it’s a lot of series haha!) My question is : Do I need to finish the races, or can I just DNF everything and still get a ranking? My plan is to get a ranking in individual races only if that’s possible. I don’t want to ruin online ranking of other people by DNFing races!

Thank you for your help!

If you’ve never qualified before, you need to complete 10 online sessions, win or loose, to qualify and get a rank. That’s the same for whatever type of racing it is; Team, FFA, or Games.

Every 4 weeks, the series resets, but if you’re already qualified in the past, then you only need to complete one session in each series, win or loose, to qualify and get a rank.

So if you qualified for Team in the past, you only need to complete one Team session to qualify again for the series. But if you’ve never qualified for, say, FFA before, then you need to do all 10.

If you actually want to climb the ranks, then it helps to win. But if you just want to qualify, to claim the bottom tier prizes, and get your Playlist requirements, then you just have to qualify and get a ranking. Which is 10 sessions if you’ve never done it before, or 1 if you have. Even if you loose, or DNF every race.

You can’t just sit on the side of the track and wait for the race to end, though. It will disconnect you for inactivity.

Yes you can DNF in every adventure, but once you finish your placement matches you’ll be placed in league 20 with 0 points. But if at some point you decide you want to get your rank up, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to do so because you’ll be stuck at 0 points for quite some time even if you win adventures.

Not having a crack at you but DNF deliberately is just bad.

Points count and not trying is letting the team down.

It does affect the race overall.

All i say is try and even if you beat 1 or 2 drivatar it does help :slight_smile:

Plus it gives you an insight into the layout of different tracks which seriously helps you later on :slight_smile:

If you must do this then please do it in FFA, not in team games.

My only intention is to get the 80% playlist rewards. I’m genuinely not interested in online gameplay, and even less in team play. I do not mind missing out on rewards tied to The trial and Playground games. However, I care for other people. I want to avoid team ranked as much as possible for this reason.

My play time is limited, but I’ve been playing FH4 for months. I really enjoy building various cars against unbeatable drivatars. I can place myself in top three the majority of the time. I think I have 540 cars in my garage at the moment? I still haven’t tried more than a quarter of them!

Cheers for the answers, FFA it’ll be tonight!

Ayayaye! I couldn’t find the time to complete qualification. A major power outage hit where I live. I couldn’t play for almost the whole weekend. :frowning:

However, I’ve just learned that Drift Adventure existed! I enjoy drifting more than racing. Nothing against racing, I find drifting more soothing! I’ll be working my way through drift adventures, where I’ll be more motivated to give my best! =D