Part of next week's XJ220 weekly challenge is based on false information

I was looking at the upcoming weekly challenges and noticed that the 2nd part of the autumn challenge titled “Horses for Courses” was to win 3 dirt trail events, and proclaimed that the XJ220 was originally intended to be a Group B rally car. This is flat out untrue. During the development of the car, it was vaguely built with the idea of possible entering Group B circuit racing, not Group B rally. Though by the time the XJ220 finally made it to production, it lost its AWD and V12, and Group B had long died and had never gained much traction in circuit racing.

And since someone at Playground saw “Group B” on the XJ220 Wikipedia page and immediately thought “RALLY CAR!”, we will now have to win 3 dirt events in a 90’s mid-engined RWD supercar… -_-


It uses the engine from the Metro 6R4, but it sure wasn’t ever intended to be a rally car.

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man i LIKE the XJ220 too, i guess i’ll AWD it and hope for the best lol

I cannot wait for the cross country races in grand touring cars! They were built for crossing countries, yeah?


Back in FH3 when I had to go around doing the Championships, I set one of them up as cross country races in GT or some other inappropriate race cars. It was a blast.

Well, it is true. Some of the most enjoyable vehicles can be the oddest. My favorite car overall is an S2 silly modded 46 Ferrari. I don’t know what it is, the combo of old suspension, skinny tires but really low weight with a modern ferrari engine is just a blast!

My favorite car to high speed rally in is the Huayra. Active aerodynamics on the dirt and mud is quite awesome. Plus driving in car and watching the front winglets actuate gives me a smile.

I doubt they simulate active aerodynamics in the game, it’s most likely just a visual effect.

I can’t speak for Vaporeon, but sometimes visual effects make me smile.

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This might help some of you. not being happy about driving an XJ220 on Dirt Myself , I have already created 3 Custom Routes in readiness for next week, the Game Recognises them as Dirt Scramble Races, but they are 100% Asphalt, go into the “Creative Hub” Blueprints Section and Search for My User Name.

Look for the 3 Events “Jaguar XJ220 Forzathon 1” (alternatively, go to the Rally Stage… I forget the course Name, that is located to the South East of Thatch Corner and search the Custom Events tab there) “Jaguar XJ220 Forzathon 2” (alternatively, go to the Rally Stage at Holyrood and search the Custom Events tab there) and “Jaguar XJ 220 Forzathon 3” (alternatively, go to the Rally Stage at the Glenfinnan viaduct and search the custom events tab there , don’t be fooled by them only being two laps, the courses are quite long so they still take around 5-10 Minutes (big Prize Money! around 30-40,000 CR Each Race)) but that should help you get that Part of the Achievement Easier, as they are 100% Asphalt.

I hope that Helps You all out :slight_smile:


Good thinking. If I don’t remember to give yours a try, also if you have any custom route when you make a blueprint for it you can make it any type of race that you want.

The biggest problem I see from this error is that now we’re going to have a huge amount of people thinking the XJ220 was supposed to be a rally car…

Well, we already have that with rally lambos, rally Paganis, rally Konigsegg… If it can get AWD, people take em offroad… so… everything?

But seriously, Try taking a supercar for rally tune on the dirt roads. There actually is some fun to be had.

Of course, if you stick AWD in anything it will be “fun”. I prefer realism when possible, and I’m referring to them spreading misinformation, not what you would deem fun or not fun.

I am same way. Some cars I keep realism, some I make fun. Your incorrect information was a huge one. I was more trying to look at the bright side for event. Yeah, the info might be wrong, but might as well at least enjoy the challenge. Take it on some rally courses vs doing some asphalt road set to dirt.

If it’s gonna be “any” dirt racing event for this, I made a “Dirt Points Farming” custom route up and down the highway, no dirt at all on this one.

Well exactly what I was afraid of happening is happening. People posting on Reddit about how fun it is to rally and how neat that it was supposed to be a rally car. I guess, much like PG, I should learn to not sweat the details and to just not give a damn.

You and I are the same we sweat the details and worry about these little things, hoarding exclusive cars we’ll never use, whatever. This is just like the playground seasonal where we use retro muscle cars in the dirt. Then what happens, everyone pushes the easy button (convert to awd), makes it more unrealistic. LOL@ awd Z06 and Regal GNX’s.

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The flaw was retro muscle and not classic muscle. The regal for example is a great dirt car and I love rally built rwd classic muscle up to and including the A class. It is great fun and a perfectly reasonable consideration for an event. It is the player’s loss if they default to AWD any time they see something. A class and below, AWD is always an expensive choice without any advantage for anything outside novelties like the 3 wheeler, etc. Rarely will these lower powered vehicles gain an advantage for the PI cost vs a rwd/fwd with those points spent elsewhere.

The unfortunate part is that they did select retro and not classic muscle. Retro muscle being extremely limited in vehicles that fit that flavour. Rally z06 or zr1? Eh… But a rally 77 trans am, chevelle, etc? That is a good time. You havent had fun until A class rwd rally AMC javelin. It is thematically fitting and just great racing.

And the GNX? Well It had a sweet engine, but it was still a G body. I had a G body with a police interceptor factory upgrade. Massive sway bars, and an aggressive rake with it. All from factory. That thing could go through bloody farm fields. A rally GNX? No problem and perfectly believable.

There are a couple Trails in this game which are mostly asphalt. Use those.

Hi all i did a tune for this,
Did all 3 races unbeatable Drivatar’s easily . for the driving part just do the gauntlet get some credit at the same time last bit did on freeway ,

The car in Forza 4 does well on the dirt even if the real one wouldn’t, it was an easy task.