Parental Controls

When I was younger my mum had put parental controls on my Xbox 360, Recently I tried to buy Forza Horizon 4 on PC on the same account I used on my Xbox 360. It then told me I needed permission of an adult to buy it, so I created a new account under a new email and tried that. It worked and I have been playing the game fine (however my ingame is the same one as it was on my xbox 360 which was using a different account, I did not choose this name I chose another.) When doing races, co-op and pvp was always locked and unable to use but I assumed that because I hadnt reached very far in the game yet, I wasnt allowed yet. Recently I was put into the online server on my own and I am still unable to try co-op and pvp, It comes up with “This feature is blocked per Xbox live parental control settings.”. So I went through the account which had parental controls over it and I removed all of the blocked permissions and I still am unable to play online. (I have not bought an xbox gold or any of them things as I dont know whether it is necessary.)