Painting Liveries..... THERES A BUG? glitch problem?


When painting a livery “Dodge Viper -08” ive noticed recently that any paints that i do, they look fine in the paint booth but when i come to race with it, the right hand side lettering is all back to front like its been mirrored from the other side and doesnt line up.

So i went back into the paint booth to have a look and it was back fine again, so i stripped back the whole right side and started again this time not importing any of the shaping from left to right, i did the lot from scratch to see if this helped, i then inserted layer group individually to see if this also helped.

done that when into an online lobby and its mirrored again!?!?

Is this a problem many people are having?
Is it a glitch all round or just some cars?
Is there a sneaky way anyone has figured out to get around this?

My previous cars dont do it like the F1 for instance and if i buy a livery, that doesnt do it either so theres definitely a way!

If i race in career the paintjob is fine
If i go to photo mode the paint job is fine (even though in the race it was backwards)
It seems to only happen in online lobbies or Rival events

(and no i dont wanna just keep using everyone elses liveries before anyone says, im a painter)

Cheers for any help

That issue exists at least since FM4, I had a subaru JGTCC car which the rear bumper mirrored whilst racing…

My guess, is trying to mirror everything yourself, fooling the glitch, so that when you race it comes out correct. Tho, this will be noticable when you have your livery on your sharefront. So i thnk Turn 10 should look into this. You mighjt want to post this in the bug thread report.

Good luck, maybe mirroring helps(do some tests with fewer layers)