Painting bug post Nascar/update

Is anyone having issues with vinyl placement on cars since the update? When I place vinyls or design groups on the top of my cars they are all off by 0.2 to 0.7 degrees, or otherwise noticeably crooked. I know it doesnt seem like a big deal to some, but for us painters its an issue. The default placement is off and always rotated to the left. The rear and nose of some cars also seem to be affected.

If anyone else is having this issue you need to rotate/spin the vinyl back to 360.0 or 000.0 and place it. Then, go back and rotate/spin your vinyl to where you need it.

Just wanted a mod or someone from the development team to see this. Otherwise the updates are fantastic. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Sorry, forgot to mention that reinstalling the update or recycling/starting xbox doesn’t fix the issue.

It could be that the car bodies are skewed a bit to help with left turns? Or the entire way the car sits is skewed because the rear axle of the car is shifted to right at angle?

I think is something like 0.2 degrees or something like that. I don’t know if the design of the was this in depth or not though. Seems like a stretch now that I think about it.

But the body thing seems more plausible. I know if you look at most Oval track cars straight ahead from the front you can see a very pronounced shift in the entire roof to the right. Meaning the right A pillar is almost straight up and down and the left A pilar is at an angle to the right. I have not noticed if the B & C pilar is more visible on the left side or not though. Like I said most Oval cars are like this but, without looking at these cars more closely I don’t know if they are made this way or not.

You are correct, it is the body of the car that is off by default on the top. It makes sense now that you mention it, but, it has a blanket affect across all cars when you load them instead of just the nascar race cars. We just need to be aware of it when we paint. :slight_smile:

The nose and tail of my 73 ford capri seems borked a bit. O.o

I can deal with it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this going to affect existing paints/liveries, or just the creation of new ones?

Woohoo!! I was right about something!! It doesn’t happen very often a blind squirrel finds a nut!! And btw I kinda had help with remembering this one. I have a couple Oval track RC cars and my daughter thinks the roofs look silly crooked.

Its not just the Nascars that are slightly off, some of the other cars are as well, there are far worse paint glitches than this one, that’s still there since F4 that need fixing. All the paint glitches I have to try get round really do my head in.

I can’t see any of them getting fixed.