Painted stock wheels problem!

When i paint the stock wheels black on certain cars like basically every Ferrari the wheels have a chrome lip when moving up to speed. This is a serious problem because its ruining my designs. Is this only happening to me because i cant find anything about on the web.

could you give us a picture?
I’m not sure to understand the real problem :slight_smile:

Here is a example… I bought a Ferrari 458 painted the stock wheels black, went to the track raced it, checked out the replay & when the car goes past 30 mph a chrome lip/ring appears on the black wheels. This happens on all of my Ferraris.

This is true, I have experienced the same, and even some times with the stock color. It’s something about spinning wheels they havent figured out yet either.

yep! I have noticed this happening to, i love the fact we can now paint the standard rims.

What it look like to me is a that a texture file kicks in that doesnt match the color of the wheel. This is lame because it makes painting the stock wheel pointless & makes the car look terrible! I cant believe it hasnt been patched in 3 months!

I also have this problem

It seems to be happening to cars only with chrome stock wheels!

Nope - first one I noticed it on was with the Fiesta stock wheels that I had painted black. It seems to be a texture issue as has been mentioned earlier in the post.