Paint shop lighting

This new forum is confusing as crap so if this isn’t in the paint shop - oh well. I CAN’T FIND THE PAINT SHOP.

Is there anyway to change the lighting when you’re trying to paint and vinyl and car and game decides its going to be night time? It’s impossible to paint when you can’t see!

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Not if you are in one of the houses. The festivals are always lit so you can see but the colors are not always exactly what you see in free roam. An option is to get your colors figured out in a sunny home and then work in a festival. The lighting is good for vinyl placement especially if you use a flat paint base.

The other thing is that once dark in the house it stays dark. Exiting and re-entering will reset this for a bit at least.


Well… that just sucks. Would be nice if they’d give us “shop lights”

Thanks for the info.

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Np, I agree with shop lights or something. It’d be nice to be able to select the time and weather condition in the houses.

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Agreed with using the festival, but often it’s too reflective and there are stupid roof beams in the way. They were in Horizon 1, should have been ditched by now. If they can portal you into some huge white studio for the start and finish of races in FH4, surely a fantasy perfect spray booth isn’t too far out?

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We need to be able to adjust the lighting even in the Festival studio. The reflections from the overhead lights make it impossible to work on placing vinyls sometimes. Finding the “right time of day” at one of the houses is the only option sometimes.

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We also need a better camera. They should give us the photo camera so we can see every part of the car perfectly

In FH5 the house lighting seems to track the free roam time of day. If you enter the garage at mid-day in free roam, it will be bright and sunny. If you enter it a night, it will be dark. If you enter it a sunrise or sunset, it will be dusk lighting. It would be nice if they just gave us the option to cycle through the three lighting modes manually, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

This is actually an improvement from the garage lighting in FH4, which did have a cycle for the lighting modes, but they were completely disassociated with free roam lighting. So, you never knew quite what to expect when you entered the garage in FH4.

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Yeah, similar experience here but if I stay in the house the lighting follows free roam into night and it’s dark. The sun doesn’t rise unless I leave the house.

That’s odd. The garage lighting mode never changes for me. Whatever mode it was in when I entered the garage is the mode it stays in until I leave. The clouds don’t even move. Even if I leave the client running overnight.

I’ll grab a screenshot next time. I don’t mind it unless I’m working on paint/vinyls. It’s cool that it doesn’t happen for you. I’m on xbox 1x.

Maybe it’s a PC vs. console thing then. That’s kind of unfortunate for you. The thing I really like about the garages is the consistent lighting.