Paint Design Creation Request for FM6, Pictures included!

Hey guys! I’ve been looking for a capable painter to get a certain design re-made for me that was a personal favorite in FM4. What I’d like to have would either be sticker groups that can be applied to other cars (typically by section) or a singular paint would work as well. For further details please message my Gamertag; but here are some pictures!

RC926 D1GP Silvia S15 (driven by Akinori Utsumi) - Intending to take paint to apply to various cars (thus the reason why sticker groups were requested)


Wow, That is amazing, need to see it done.

Yep! Pretty much cross-applied it to every drifting vehicle I had in Forza 4, even with variations in the original design. Real shame I can’t transfer it over.

I’ll start working on it tonight!

I don’t have too much time during the week due to work, so it may take a couple of days, but i’ll let you know when it’s finished. Unless somebody else can get it done any quicker :wink:

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Fantastic. If/When you get it finished, I suppose we can get the transferring-over part figured out and whatnot.

Just need to replace the Gran Turismo sticker across the window with a forza one… :slight_smile:

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The original car has the GT vinyl, so think it should be kept to stay a replica.

Did anyone end up making this paint???

Nope. But I might as well bump the dead thread to try again.

I will make a start on it soon

I will post a WIP image soon!