Paint Booth stops working

Hey guys looking to see if anyone has come across this or figured out how to fix it. I’m trying to create a design, but I get a minute (or just place two shapes) into making it and then I’m unable to place any more shapes or move things so I have to exit and save the paint booth, then go to the dashboard and restart the game completely.

So is there any way around this problem?

EDIT: There’s a couple of mentions in this thread about it, but I can’t find anything else on this subject.

If you are talking about the ‘freeze’ where you can’t move left or right on the vinyl line, so to speak, stopping you from doing anything this what I do. Whatever vinyl it’s locked on, go into that. Make a tiny adjustment and then return it to where it was originally. Come out and you should be able to carry on as normal. It is a very annoying and potentially disastrous little glitch .

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Thanks for the tip, I will take a look when I’m back on Forza