Paint and liveries reverting back to stock when entering races after update (11/3)

I am having a problem where cars that I have changed the color, added decals or loaded past designs reverting back to stock when entering race menus. Example the R32 Skyline returns back to the the original grey color when I enter the Early Sport Touring series. Another example the Acura NSX forza edition (gifted VIP version) I changed the color to blue and after entering free play it reverts back to the red it was originally when downloaded. Also if in your garage the thumbnail picture (for lack of a better description) will show the car with the color or livery you have saved but the actual car when it loads with be its original purchased/won color. Going back and repainting or reloading the design doesn’t solve the problem it says it saved but, once you go to load a race it goes back to the original color/design. I have noticed this after the 11/3 update. Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes, many but not all, of the liveries I downloaded have reverted to the grey skin.

For me it’s when driving in night races… fully custom painted cars (a few) are reverting back to their stock colors when they reach a certain distance away from me… and when i get back closer to them, they revert back to their fully custom painted state. Very annoying! This is the case when the new graphics option for cars is set to Ultra. Setting it to high does not display this bug during a night race. Also, setting it back to Ultra and race during day, dusk or dawn, does not display this bug… it only affects when racing at night.