Paging the Leaderboard crushers!

Hello best of the best. I want to get better and be one of the top racers too. I know that practice makes faster and I’ve been doing that and will continue to analyze my driving habits and improve on my own, but can a few of you take me under your wing, race with me and give me help? Not sure if this is possible and how well it works but I wanted to put this out in the universe and see what returned. Let me know. Thanks!!!

What classes do you like? I’m hardly the fastest as I’m still getting used to the game (only had it a week) but iv set a few top 50 times and a top 10 so I’m competitive if nothing else. I race R class at the moment, send me a FR on Xbox and il add u next time I’m on

I like A through R. I’ll send the FR. Thanks!!