I’m missing Pagani Zonda R in Foza Motorsport 5

Probably because it’s not in the game…


You’re gonna want to use the Car Wish List thread, sorry.

I miss that car too. Guess I’ll have to get a game with more options in the way of cars/tracks. Come on PCars!!!

How much you want to bet Project CARS will have fewer vehicles than Forza Motorsport 5?


I would almost guarantee it.

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As would I. Of course, the game has to actually release to even have a chance. Even so, Forza Motorsport 6 will be right round the corner.

Im sure it would be perfect for holding us over until Forza 6 tho. Im not looking to compare games and choose sides, im just planning on enjoying both.

Absolutely. I’m willing to give it a try if the damned thing ever finds its way to the store shelf.

I don’t miss this car, because the Pagani Zonda C in R900 should be nearly the same. At least I can beat this record with the C: Pagani Zonda R - Nurburgring lap:

And the sound is very similar too.

The Zonda Cinque “is the road going version of the Zonda R”

The Zonda R did not have road legal tyres and I believe things like indicators and other things required for a car to be registered for road use.

So you could tune a Zonda Cinque to match a Zonda R probably?