Pad steering issues, any help?

When mid corner and I’m making small adjustments to lock (particularly in RWD cars) to correct myself, quite a lot of times the car seems to pivot on the one wheel under the most load and violently jerk over from the slightest of corrections to the outside, it’s so infuriating when I know for a fact that should not happen.

Anyone know if this is a known issue or what I could do to help this?

Also what the bloody hell is with the AI divebombs on unbeatable? Or the AI in general just nailing you left right and centre, currently doing the V8 supercars with them on unbeatable and I’ll overtake someone, come to the next corner and in an indentical car they’ll outbreak me sometimes from as far as 30-40 metres back and yet somehow carry more speed when the car is on the limit of grip and put it up the inside with (sometimes) not even enough room and entirely cut the corner!?

Use the thumbstick instead of the d-pad. The pad doesn’t give you enough finesse to corner smoothly in most situations.

Is your car tuned? Also are you using dpad or stick? Any assists? Sim steering?

Depending on what the answers are there are a few things you can do. Sim steering especially can cause the cars to snap the other way violently if a correction is not spot on but you can tune this out.

It sounds like sim steering to me.

Try it on normal just from a testing point of view.

If you don’t like normal for other reasons and definitely want to use sim then post again as you will need advice from controller / sim steering users.

I use a controller and normal steering.

I’ve never used D-pad, I used to be an avid hotlapper with FTW and never encountered issues like this before with sim steering.

Setting used; all aids off, sim steering, full damage and no line (damage only when in career, which is what i’m doing at the minute) and I do tend to tune my cars a little, as I said, not as hardcore as I used to be with forza but I just tend to sort the strange stock gearing and the brake balance.

I use a controller and thumbstick steering

Also I have dabbled with the advanced controller settings such as deadzones which helped a little but it still likes to do it, the only thing im concerned about is that I don’t want to lose out in lap times when it comes to leaderboards? is this an issue with sim vs regular steering?

Run some laps with sim and run some laps with normal. Which is quicker for you?

The issue you mention is to do with sim steering.

Agreed. Sim steering in FM5 is a good bit different from FM4. I’ve only liked sim steering at times for FWD cars and occasionally really stiff rwd tunes that I didn’t create.

Okay, will do that and get back to you, cheers.

I’d recommend getting Feuerdogs tuning calculator if you haven’t already, it makes it quite easy to create tunes and balance them properly. The cars can still snap round on you but it takes more provocation and you can add a little drift in to stop it gripping and firing off back the other way.

It sounds like the issue you’re having can be easily cured with setting steering to “normal”.

Sim steering isn’t the best on a controller; I imagine is perfectly suited to a 900 deg wheel.

I’m fine with sim steering however. It really adds to the challenge and makes driving more nuanced.

But then again, with normal steering you get to turn the front wheels a little more around corners, fast or slow.

Let me know if this helps.

Also, your deads should always be at 0/100 to give you the complete range of analog stick movement. Keep all assists off.