Pack cars

Hey so I have enough microsoft points left to buy one car from a car pack. However the problem is i have no idea which car to buy. I know the 458 specialle is fantastic but i already have a favorite S2 car. Which brings me to my question: What is a good pack car and is worth my money? (I’ve heard a lot of them are rubbish)


What people like and not like is about personal taste, I only buy classic cars for myself when I doesn’t have much interest of modern cars, because they have no soul :slight_smile:

I’m with ^this^ guy, I love my classic/latemodel rides. Here are some I’d consider:

'88 VW Scirocco 16V: tons of character, and superb in D or C class.

'88 Monte Carlo: unofficial state bird of New Jersey.

'53 Ferarri Mondial: drop-dead gorgeous, and one of the best-sounding engines ever.

'80 Subaru BRAT: Japan’s El Camino, with AWD.

'86 Lamborghini LM 002: Italy’s H1 Alpha, with a V12!

'93 Jaguar XJ220: perhaps the most overlooked 90’s supercar, and arguably the prettiest Jag since the E-Type. Looks amazing in dark metallic green. Very nice to drive, too.

'56 Ford F-100: I learned to drive IRL in one of these dinosaurs.

'49 Merury Coupe: What it lacks in performance, it makes up in presence and style points. Be sure to download my paint for it!

Hope that this gives you some ideas!

I humbly like the Falken Car Pack.

But you should choose the car/pack that you like the most. What I love may not be what you love.

If I could only buy 1 car I would go for the Maserati 300. Great little car.

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Wald,the Merc is not a pack car is it? VIP car I think. I would get the Lambo LM 002.

like HLR Moss said: Maserati 300…for sure…