P is for...

…Prototype, or so I thought. I’d be happy for turn10 to ban production cars from the p class multiplayer lobbies. What do others think?


It’s an inherit flaw in the PI system for sure. In my eyes, R and P class should be specifically for race cars, and there need to be other higher up classes (something like U-class from back in the old days) for the fastest road and non-racing track cars.


Yeah, I’d kinda like to pick up some stuff we lost before, like segregating production cars from race cars. If that means having three or four divisions of race cars, that’s fine. I was also disappointed that D was the lowest in FM5 when FM4 went down through E and F. There was at least one car in FM5 with under 200 PI stock which should be F class, but the lowest class was D which went up to 400 PI. At least FM6 added E again, but we still need F back. As for cars with 999 PI being treated as equal when clearly they’re not, that needs tweaked, as well. Either PI needs to go above 999 or the PI scale needs tweaked so that the E23 and IndyCars have less than 999 PI. If it’s going to stop at 999, that needs to be as great as any car in the game can possibly get, not indicate 999 when in reality it is more like 1,150 or whatever.

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It seems quite obvious to me the game needs a PI overhaul, with at least one new class, possibly two.

That or introduce something really cool like ‘racing modification’ to many of the faster production cars. Gran Turismo style. So you can turn most S class cars into something worthy of R class handling wise.

Highly unlikely. Much harder to implement and much more work, but it would be pretty good you have to admit.

Yeah, I totally agree with you, because let’s face it, if your in a Lamborghini hurican in a P998 lobby, your gonna lose, it’s pointless

There’s a lot of complaints about this game I frankly don’t really get, however, this one I believe is completely legitimate. I totally agree, there’s a great deal of cars in classes together that have no business being on the track at the same time, and the same goes for the leaderboards. That goes for every class up to and including the X-class cars. Even if two cars from different divisions but with the same PI are capable of reaching more or less the same lap time around a track (which is rare), the way they get that time is often so different as to make them completely incompatible in a race.


Got to see the PI system hurt someone in an online race last night. Was in an X-class lobby full of E23s as usual, and a low level guy joins and picks the Honda Indycar, naturally getting left for dead in the race.

Seems pretty ridiculous the E23 and the Indycars are the same class and PI number, considering one leaves the other behind by miles everywhere but ovals.


…and then there are people who use the DLC Ferrari and the DLC McLaren

Thanks to those DLC cars X Class has turned into something other than a spec lobby.

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Big mistake putting the GT cars’ class directly bellow the LMP and Group C class. Should’ve stuck with R3, R2 and R1.


This is exactly right. Trying to play hoppers or rivals with an Indycar in X, or any GT or hypercar in P, or almost any road car (not all, but most) in R is completely pointless. Which is a shame, because although the Indycars can’t hang with the F1 cars, and the GT cars can’t stay with the prototypes, they’re fun to drive, but not when you can’t be competitive with anything else. There’s so many great cars in this game and it’s unfortunate that a lot of them don’t really have a place. I’d almost prefer that leaderboards/rivals/hoppers/etc be broken out by division as opposed to by PI, although that has its own problems.

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We need r1,r2,r3 back. Keep the prototype class along with those and I’d say you got a pretty solid classification. Put the useless cars like p1-gtr, fxx-k, one:1, Caprio t1, in r1 class. Then put all the old 70s f1 cars (312t2, lotus 77, etc) in R2. Then put cars like the gt cars in r3. It would work perfectly. The over powed gt cars like Aston dbr9 and bmw m3gt2 would have to take out some upgrades to be in r3.


Interesting replies and some good ideas. I mostly race P class online so I can’t really comment on the other classes but it seems disparity exists in some form throughout, which is to be expected, there will always be cars at the top and bottom of any given class. My experience of production cars in P class is that at best it’s like having the safety car out, at worst it turns into the tool of the wrecker. In almost all cases these cars will get lapped, at least once. This could be because these cars are usually chosen by lower level, sometimes inexperienced players who a lot of the time start out with the intention of having a race only to be overwhelmed by the pace and give up, either running the course backwards or resorting to unsporting behaviour.

Production cars will usually out accelerate prototypes, exacerbating the starting grid lap 1 mayhem, sometimes inspiring revenge attacks from others. I feel that removing these cars from P class will go a long way towards cleaning up the lobby. There are fewer wreckers now due to the work of snowowl and turn10 handing out timeouts, it would seem logical to remove the cause of a lot of these problems before they begin.

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