I know that oversteer is when the back end gets loose and swings wide on a turn.

I have a different problem that I’ve encountered on a number of cars after upgrading, for example, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. I drive into the turn and everything seems stable, when suddenly, the front end turns too much. The car gets sideways, but the back end is gripping, not sliding. Every turn, I’m fighting with this… it makes driving the car unpleasant.

I suspect I can fix this by tuning the steering & suspension, but where do I start, and in which direction?


I did some experimenting tonight. Tried reducing the front camber from -1 to -0.5. Helped a tiny bit. Returned camber to stock and decreased the front ARB from 27 to 23. Nothing… maybe even worse. Returned ARB to stock and decreased the differential deleleration from 75 to 50. Nothing or worse.

Besides being difficult to come out of turns, the car is really unstable in the straights. It wants to hit the walls.

I should mention that I had upgraded this 8C from a B-class to an S795. Everything is race, widest tires, lightest wheels, stock engine, drivetrain, & aspiration. Only the 2nd best oil cooler. Speed is around 7.9, handling 5.9 (started at 4.8… I wonder why all those upgrades only got me a 1.1 boost in handling?).

Is this car doomed to be squirrelly?

Try upping front bump, it sound like the car “leans over” on corner entry because not enough bump to support.