Overall review

Graphics great but not what I was expecting when run on a 4K TV on Xbox One S with the highest graphics settings. Some things in the game look great and the game mechanics are awesome but whats with the after thought stuff? threes and buildings can look one dimensional most of the time, when pit stop in, at least you could of put some effort in a pit crew.
I really enjoy the game but after the fan fare of pre-launch, I have found the game o.k, not great but o.k,. I was expecting more, a lot more. If the developers can get this simple but missing stuff added as an update, I would recommend this game to everyone however at the moment if you have Forza 6 then don’t spend the money with 7 until they fix the little things. I want to be immersed in a game and at the moment Forza 7 just doesn’t do that for me. Your 80% there Microsoft! and Turn 10. Please add the polish.