Oval Rembrandts

Apologies if this has already been discussed - I only pop in here once a decade. Can anyone confirm if these impossibly amazing vinyls masterfully created using nothing but ovals are legit?

Separate question: what are people using for image hosting? I would like to put up a picture or two but: A) I can’t remember what I was using 6 years ago B) I don’t know if it’s even around anymore if I did.

There is a thread where someone was discussing people using some sort of AI to create some of those images. I think it’s cheating. But most of those fantastic liveries are created by hand with just the shapes provided. It takes a ton of time, but some people get amazing results (I’m still learning, but some of mine come out ok).

As far as image hosting, I use Flickr for the forum posts (use the BBCode when you click share on an image). It used to be unlimited images for free, but they changed it and now you only get 1000.

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Playground Games said that they break the Terms Of Service agreement.

Yes, there is a new tool in the Forza community that scans images and actual pictures outside the game and then manipulates vinyl groups inside the game on PC to come up with these almost photo-realistic images. Use of this tool (along with any external tool that modifies or manipulates the games in any way) has been confirmed by T10 to be against the Forza terms of service and users are subject to enforcement action including permanent bans.


Creating a tool/script to aid in recreating stupidly detailed logos and decals? As in, cutting time spent to do so? I call that an improvement, but understand oldheads mad because I’ve spent a few thousand hours painting since FH2. Such a pain to get each decal just right, especially when matching negatives, but worth it in the end every time. I’m not opposed to using such a tool, but I’m not for it either. Depends on the circumstance. As in if someone is blatantly copying someone else’s unique design, at that point it becomes copyright infringement-esque.

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