Outside the Garage

Hello there, I’m not new to the Forza games, but I’m kinda new to the forums. Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys what happen to me when I was looking at my recently painted car on the Forzavista mode.

Outside Garage

The car just started to move slowly and it reached the outside. I’m just wondering if any of you have seen this?

Some people posted photos and even videos of this happening quite a while ago.
But if I remember correctly, their cars were usually rolling backwards.


Looks a nice day out there why not catch some rays!

This is the first time I’ve seen or heard of this, but I’d like to know how to make it happen.

me too

Most cars roll backwards but the LFA for sure in the other direction. Just go to Forza Vista and play the Info where the Woman speaks. After that go to the left front of the car where the info for the Lights are. Lets play that and just wait and the car begins to roll. Be aware that you need to move the camera constantly because otherwise the camara change the view automaticly and the car is back at the spot where it belongs.

Look to my Pictures got some real nice ones from the interior of some cars that you wont be able to reach in normal Forzavista. That means when the car is outside you can switch to camera mode and you can move the cam everywhere around and in the car.

I have to say, I was fairly shocked when I started to see my car just rolling backwards inside the garage. I’d say at about at about 5 mph. Initially I thought the car would stop once it hits the walls of the garage its in but it… just went casper on it and went through. So my car is out of the garage lol. Not sure how I triggered the car to move in the garage but was cool non the less. I busted out my phone to record it and will be more than happy to upload it if you guys want to see it.


Lol, yeah, pretty funny, but also a known bug. Had it happen a few times so far myself. XD

lol yeah I was like um… heres the video


yeah it happens with almost all the cars.

This happened to me too, really freaked me out. The car stopped rolling when I selected one of the icons that are around the car.

Same happened to my Lancia 037

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