Outlaw racing is recruiting

The Outlaw Racing Team is recruiting racers for the 2015 season and beyond. The team is looking to expand it roster in the coming season with new, young talent, or just a few guys looking to have some fun racing.

The team goal is to participate on all TORA circuit and road racing series, as well as the one-off events and select off site events, mainly endurance.

The team has had good success in 2014 including multiple NASCAR Championships and wins and looks to continue the success in 2015 on the TORA platform of racing.

Outlaw Racing is also welcoming racers of all levels, to join. We are not the fastest guys on the track, but we are consistent and we go all the way until the end. There is no quit! We are a good group of guys that like to have a good time!

Outlaw Racing Offers competitive benefits including tuning help (base setups and personal adjustments), and special members only deals on paint schemes. If you are interested in joining the team please email Adam Tatum at OutlawracingLLC@aol.com

We would like to find a second painter and a second tuner. Try to build up our core performance and look.