Out of map tag glitch

Here is a YouTube video of someone doing it.

I also have a saved replay of someone doing it a different way to get out of a different part of the map. If turn 10 want to look at my saved replays. I can’t say his gamer tag as it will get removed out on the forums. But he is the one driving a Ford Fiesta xr2 on my replay. Please look into this turn 10. I have locations and techniques. Cars I have seen it done. Ford Fiesta xr2. Jaguar xfrs. Willys jeep. vw golf.
Nissan s13. mazda rx7. vw campe. FF escort. infiniti concept. Cadillac limo.

I have a list of gamertags I have seen getting out.


It has not been patched. People are still doing it


it amazes me that turn 10 dont care and dont patch this