Out Of Gas!

Went to play my favorite racing game of all time taking a break from my other games just so I could play around with the new Fast and Furious cars. Low and behold I can’t. Why? Because it costs 5 bucks.

I’m not buying it and also I’m done with you Turn 10. Just like EA Sports I refuse to buy anything else from you or game makers like you. I can easily afford the 5 dollars to unlock the new cars but I just wont out of principle. Besides that I bought passes, vip, maps, the whole deal. Shouldn’t these cars be free?

I could understand and would gladly pay the extra 5 bucks just to unlock the new F&F cars if I didn’t pay to unlock all the car packs and future car packs but I did. I’m sick tired of this nickle and dime bull game makers like you especially EA Sports pull on us gamers anymore. I’m done with you for life, never buying another game from your company ever again and I’ve been a huge loyal fan of Forza and had every game since Forza 2.

Goodbye for life!

If you were such a follower of Forza why did you not download it when it was free ??


he’s not talking about the standalone game, he’s talking about the car pack for horizon 2

but still $5 is stuff all, one cup of coffee

Thanks for your feedback.